First stages project validation based on the analysis of external factors, as well as on the capacity and willingness of all membres of the organisation, with which promoters and entrepreneurs will be able to decide whether to invest their resources and determine their chances of success. 

2 action fields:

Conservation of historic buildings and architectural heritage generally speaking

Validation based on the analysis of the regulations and the put in value of the building. Aimed at owners or future owners of an historic building.

The visual and plastic arts

Validation based on the creation of a differentiated offer. Aimed at institutions that promote art as a tool for growth and education.

4 tools method

1 prior meeting (online or face-to-face) with the client, in which both the starting point of the project and the end point to be reached (the final goal) are analysed.

Analysis of the context (territory, sector, competition) together with the client and through (online) worksheets.

Internal analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the management team and promoter as well as that of the working team, focused on a motivation analysis of the people who will work on the project (online or face-to-face and with the help of the client). In the case of heritage projects, the analysis is based on the put on value of the building, which includes site visits. 

Draft document containing a synthesis of the information collected, which serves to present and justify the subsequent project proposal. 

From 1.500 €

Do you also want to work out your project?

We offer support in decision making based on previous analyses and studies and the collaboration of other professionals in the sector.

We draw up a document (blueprint or basic study) in which the needs and working method are defined and which serves as a basis for both internal decision-making and for justification to potential investors or sponsors. It is used to define the strategic lines. 

We design evaluation instruments with which to monitor and improve or redefine the content of a project. 

From 10.000 €