Cultural projects management experience and training experience

Cultural Projects Management

[2019-2021] Analysis of the starting point of the project to convert an engraving workshop into a regional reference centre for the practice of its various techniques, and drafting of a 2-year strategic plan. Aim: to help the new board of directors and the management team to decide whether to continue with the previous project or to change the niche and objectives, as well as to decide whether to reactivate a part of the workshop that has fallen into disuse. 

[2018] Analysis of the previous project for the rehabilitation of a medieval fortress in the French Alps and of the proposal for the conservation and restoration of the wall paintings it contains. Aim: to help the promoter team to decide whether the economic valuation is close to the real investment needs, in order to present the proposal to potential sponsors or investors. See link to the project.

[2018] Assessment on how to collect external data (weather, seismic activity) and internal data (geometry, dimensions, constituent materials, cracks) to determine the state of conservation of a Roman temple in Egypt. Aim: to help a team of conservator-restorers to establish a plan of preliminary tests and data collection that would make it possible to determine the risk of collapse of the temple and thus be able to work safely during the conservation intervention campaigns of the temple. 

[2018] Evaluation of a proposal for preliminary studies for the enhancement of a historic building containing 11th century remains. Aim: to help a private owner to decide whether to invest and keep the property or sell it, presenting an approximate economic evaluation of the cost of a global rehabilitation. 

[2017] Conservation and restoration of the Renaissance façade of Can Serra's museum in the city of Mataró. Aim: to stabilise the elements of the façade at risk of detachment. Emergency intervention with which we helped the city council to manage a risk to public health. For more information about the intervention: article

[2016] Conservation of the baroque mural paintings of the Capella del Dolors in Cervera. Aim: to protect the mural paintings from an architectonical rehabilitation intervention. The paintings will remain concealed until the needed money to restore them properly will be available in the future. Emergency intervention with which the Church (specifically the bishopric of Solsona) can fulfil its commitment to cede the space to the Coptic community of Cervera. For more information about this experience: article

Training in project management

[2018] Training in economic and financial management for the Collective of Conservators and Restorers of the Balearic Islands. Aim: to provide conservator-restorers with the basic tools to, among other things: draw up a budget; to know whether they are making or losing money with their activity; and to decide when and from whom to ask for money if they need it. 

[2018] Production training for students of the Conservation and Restoration School in Barcelona. Aim: to provide future conservator-restorers with the necessary tools to, among other things: analyse the resources available to them and what they can do with them; analyse the type of works they can conserve and restore; decide if they want to specialize or to be a multifaceted professional; and whether they need to hire other professionals or collaborators, equipment and machinery to do so; and learn to control the execution times of a project. Details of the course.