Inés Legemaate, cultural project manager

Inés Legemaate leads Geztio since 2016. Bachelor in Technical Architecture and also in Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, and Master Degree in Industrial Organization, she uses her knowledge and experience to help others to make their dreams and projects come true. 

Tenacious, with great sensibility for culture and attracted to new challenges, her eagerness has brought her to explore multiple sectors: technical, scientific, artistic and that of the coaching.
She combines experiences, allowing her to identify goals, analyse resources and make decisions to bring complex projects to a good term.
She transforms ideas into feasible projects and resolves concrete needs. She listens, considers, visualizes and proposes solutions.
Her love towards languages (she is capable of comunicate herself in Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, English, French and German) brings her to work with other professionals from abroad.

Contenido del acordeón

1991-1998: BSc Technical Architecture ("Building Engineer") and Postgraduate in "calculations, control and realization in the building industry" Polytechnical University - Barcelona.
1997-1998: Junior building engineer in the studio (Barcelona) of the renowned technical architect Joan Ardèvol.
1998-2009: Bureau Veritas (inspector in the building industry: quality control, technical survey, verification and reporting).
2004-2006: Masterdegree "The industrial organization of the building industry" Polytechnical University - Barcelona
2009-2012: BSc Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Barcelona.
2012-2015: Collaboration with the NGO Apsocecat in a project which goal was making art accessible to deafblind people.
2015-2016: Scholarship in the Centre de Restauració de Béns Mobles de Catalunya (elaboration of procedures for the survey and evaluation of projects related to the renovation and preservation of cultural heritage)
2016: Collaboration with the Architectonical Heritage Department of the Catalonian Autonomic Government during the scholarship at the Centre de Restauració de Béns Mobles de Catalunya.
2016-2018: Conservation and restoration of sculptural elements, façade and wallpaintings, for private, public and The Church.
Since 2019: development of various projects in the cultural field and, specifically, training in cultural project management. Occasional collaboration with other entities (Mataró City Council, Associació Gravadors de Mataró) for the development of their projects and goals.