Because we do care about art, we also have this need of be spectators of all possible manifestations of it. Therefore we decided to start the #wegeztio project, that is: go to artistic events with those we work with.

We inaugurated this beautiful project with a theatre piece: Arte, from Yasmina Reza. Actors: Pere Arquillué, Francesc Orella and Lluís Villanueva. Place: Mataró. At that moment we were working at the Restoration of the XVIth century façade of Can Serra. Actors: Marina Prats, Marina Granero and Inés Legemaate. Place: also Mataró, the ancient roman Iluro.

Deep contrast between the contemporary art of nowadays, with a blank painting used as an excuse to show the relationship dynamics, and a Renaissance pièce: a classical stone façade who has been testimony of hours of dialogues between us, whilst working on the scaffolding for nine intensive days.

Days of reproducing the lines, the columns and the volutes of the decorative architectonical elements. Days of consolidating the stone and bevelling the edges with, among others, lime mortars, mixed and prepared as they probably used to do hundreds of years ago.

3 actors vs. 3 actress. One contemporary theatre piece vs. one 500 year pièce. Almost 2 hours of representation vs.144 hours of intervention on a 140 m2 surface. And it is all work: the one we love to do. We will do another #wegeztio again, no doubt in it.

Inés Legemaate

Inés Legemaate encabeza Geztio desde el año 2016. Diplomada en Arquitectura Técnica en Ejecución de obras y en Restauración y Conservación de bienes culturales, y licenciada en Ingeniería en Organización Industrial (especialidad edificación), es una persona tenaz, con sensibilidad por el patrimonio y con afán por los retos.

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