Sometimes it is not about the pièce: it is about the emotions that attaches a client to the pièce. And that, you have to handle it with a lot of care. And that is what our formation as art restorers gave us, or so we see it when we talk about that with Marina, the other half part of Geztio. Because you can position yourself very close to his/her feelings once you have felt the same for what you once saw as a «merely piece of wood» but turned to be «that special symbol that someone cut out of some fragments of wood». Among the years, it happens sometimes to no matter who created that symbol: it matters what others see in it, and, more important, what they feel through it.

To C., this small little wooden chapel that stood in a tiny square room of a first floor in the Eixample of Barcelona, was that pièce to her. After 3 years of dismantling the apartment where the parents of her grandparents got to live there first, she probably felt she was betraying the family’s memories by deciding to convert the space into her new studio.

Most probably, somewhere before her kneeled down in front of that chapel and devoted, prayed, bared his/her soul, thousand of times. It turned to be a sacred pièce, not only in a religious way, but also in a profound and personal way. That was the important think to understand here. C. did not came to us asking for a «disassemble and transport» work, although that was what she expressed and signed for: she was asking us, without saying, to help her out with the decision she got stuck with and did not dare to have it executed.

Dismantling happened to be the same as removing, fragmenting, splitting and rupturing, for her. But once she saw the chapel assembled in the new location she thoughtfully had chosen for the pièce, she felt immensely relieved, and profoundly grateful. And at that point, at that very moment when we send her pictures of her chapel assembled again in the Morera de Montsant’s church, and she send us back a message that she could not speak because she had broken up in tears, there I thought that we had not made a job: we had been committed to help a person out of an emotional conflict. And that is why we think it is worthy to say «yes» to works we think are not our speciality: because our work is also about feeling emotions.

Inés Legemaate

Inés Legemaate encabeza Geztio desde el año 2016. Diplomada en Arquitectura Técnica en Ejecución de obras y en Restauración y Conservación de bienes culturales, y licenciada en Ingeniería en Organización Industrial (especialidad edificación), es una persona tenaz, con sensibilidad por el patrimonio y con afán por los retos.

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  1. M. Teresa Salat

    Ho entenc perfectament. Jo he sentit les mateixes sensacions quatitat de vegades i dic sempre que «les pedres parles», només fa falta deixar-se portar per les emocions que et produeix sentir els «sentiments» que han envoltat un espai o una peça.
    M’encanta que treballeu més enllà de la tangible. Enhorabona! M. Teresa

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